Nu Metal band from Slovenia - Wicked Crew
The group ranges to an international metal compilation of the canadian publishing house Meathead Records. The compilation will be published on 15th Feb 2003.
Wicked Crew occupy the stage in Open Air am Berg, Germany. They receive good response from the organizers of the festival as well as from the audience (about 4000 people) and the rest of the performing bands. They take a chance to represent their new song "N.B.".
For the first time, the band introduces a new song, temporarily named "Da-Nu-One".
The group invited two guests to their appearance at Hound Dog club. Ex drummer TsaTsa sang Hollow Man, Sherro, the singer of the S.C.A.D. group helped with the realizaton of the chaos and tumult on the stage for the conclusion of the concert.
The song called "Wicked One" is played in public for the first time.
We recorded two songs: Are We Loud Enuff? and Try To Think!
Vini performs as a guest in group O.S.T. with his vocals! First show in Hound Dog club (Ljubljana) was a success! Expect even more!
On preselections for Zakon fest group for the first time performed a piece "Hollow Man" and won. With it it placed itself into the final show, which is likely to take place in December.
A song titled "Try To Think!" is for the first time introduced to the public.
A song titled "Are We Loud Enuff?" is for the first time introduced to the public
A song titled "Cracked" is for the first time introduced to the public.
Due to the change of music they played, the need for an additional guitar player arised. His name's Matej. The group was formed of five members.
Setting up and introduction of the group's homepage.
The group got a name: Wicked Crew.
Members of the band called Wicked Crew (they all come from Ljubljana) were influenced by music of various genres. In April 2000 they got together with the idea to combine the genres' aspects they liked the most, and therefore create a recognizable, authentic sound. The music they play is full of energy coming from the pure metal grip. The vocals go from gangsta-rap to modern metal sounds, while supported by lyrics that talk about every-day matters, including problems as well as positive sides of life.

The response of Slovenian underground audience has been very positive, and the number of people, who regulary come to see their concerts, increases at every show. One reason for that could be TsaTsa, the girl whose place is taken behind the drum kit.

In August, they occupied Wonderland studio and recorded two songs, which they are going to use for representing the band to the wider rage of audience. The song they’ve been introducing is titled "Are We Loud Enuff?". It is considered to be the band’s hymn, and it talks about their reasons for creating music, and what feelings they wish the audience to get while listening to it.

Currently, the band has been fusing all the members’ ideas, and turning them into new songs, which they are about to introduce at their shows. Their plan for next year is to record and release their first album.
Primorske novice
About the concert held in Koper on 22nd Dec 2000

A thankless task of an ice "rowdy ruffian" and introductory group has fallen on share of the Ljubljana band, that hears and risingly answers on the name Wicked Crew. Wicked, godless company has banged on the stage as a heavy, Slovenian variant of a gangsta-rapper society and rebellion from remote ghettos and offered raw grips of metal origin. Lasses and lads have for the period of half an hour been given poseurly persuasive representatives of "mainstream", coqueting with RATM and Limp Bizkit. And yes, lines in the style "break your f***kin' face tonight" are necessary outfit for this kind of exploits in the style of rebellions from MTV.